U pisarovini pušteno rehabilitiranih roda i 18 rehabilitiranih vjetruša

U Pisarovini smo 15. kolovoza pustili još pet  rehabilitiranih roda i 18 rehabilitiranih vjetruša. Hvale vrijedno  je kako  u Pisarovini, ljubaznošću koncesionara, možemo pustiti rode na samim ribnjacima kako bi odmah imale obilno hrane i vode.

Naime puštanje životinja na nekoj lokaciji nije baš tako čin koji relaksira; treba izabrati lokaciju gdje će životinja imati i vodu i hranu kako bi se što prije i bezbolnije uklopila u prirodu.

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Nismo usamljeni i u drugim državama pucaju po zaštićenim životinjima! Gdje su oni koji trebaju poduzeti korake u otkrivanju i kažnjavanju. Pa nije to valjda tako teško? Ili mi to previše tražimo?


Killing of Pelicans in Danube Delta


 Nismo usamljeni i u drugim državama pucaju po zaštićenim životinjima


I forward this on behalf of Mike and Jerry Black of the Srebarna Birding Field Stationin Bulgaria:

"The following is a translation of a blog I was alerted to yesterday, it describes hunters on the Danube Delta shooting Dalmatian Pelicans and other birds. Please distribute to your networks.
Although I came to live in nature, a biosphere natural reserve, I cannot sleep any more. It's like living in war zone.
Shootings began again this morning at 4 AM. Hundreds of them could be heard, some of them far away, some right next to our pontoon, less than 100 meters from Uzlina village. Now it's already 11 AM and shootings can be heard all around us. I wonder if there are enough birds in the Danube Delta for all the shootings I hear…
I wish a long life in health (like the life of the pelicans shot the other day at Uzlina) to the four PSD (Social-Democratic Party) parliamentarians who did what they were good at – cheating law, make abuse of their position and voted in favour of Hunting Law in Danube Delta. May they be happy – just about as happy as the birds they have chased these days.
Soon after the frost came, a flock of 30-40 dalmatian pelicans came each morning near the pontoon. It was quite a show. Then shootings began and the flock started to grow smaller and smaller. At first we thought they got scared and flew away, but right after the year turn we discovered the place they went to – a better world perhaps. We found two of them – juveniles - shot on the Uzlina channel, right next to the village. One of them was still alive – we captured it and handed it over to ARBDD (Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration). The other one, a more tragic situation, had its bill broken and the lower mandible torn off, but it was still able to fly and we couldn't capture it to offer some help. There were a few hundred more – a contact from ARBDD told me that in spring 2008 counted about 200.
While some people struggle to save the Dalmatian Pelican from extinction (, others just shoot them. It's a country of idiots and mentally ill people !! From now on everybody can relax, tourists no longer need to stare up to the sky or to the waters for these majestic birds, they will simply find pictures at the museums. The fish farmers will live happily ever after, since no one will eat their investment. Enemy has been annihilated !
And there's more to it.  Along with the wounded pelican we handed over to ARBDD a juvenile swan injured by the hunters – that's another strictly protected species. We found pygmy cormorants shot down, a strictly protected species too. We also found coots and swans shot down and abandoned on the ice. It's the pleasure that matters after all, isn't it ? It's about killing, not about the prey itself.
Today no pelicans came to the pontoon any more…
Photos were taken in January 2009 on Uzlina channel and lake together with Mircea Bezergheanu, Despinel Dragomir (Asociatia "Una e Natura") and Costas Dumitrescu. Many thanks for their help.
The original posting (in Romanian) can be found here:
It contains pictures of some injured birds.

Thank you,



Nismo usamljeni i u drugim državama pucaju po zaštićenim životinjima

Nismo usamljeni i u drugim državama pucaju po zaštićenim životinjima